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Important Economic Theories and Financial Planning with Larry Kotlikoff, Economist and Rick Miller, Financial Planner

Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 4:00 PM ET

Economics-based financial planning is highly focused on ensuring a client can main smooth living standards over a lifetime. This concept, known as consumption smoothing, wa first developed six decades ago by leading economists Robert Merton and Paul Samuels. Lifecycle finance is consider led the holy grail by economists and is just now been implemented due to a breakthrough in numerical method. 

Join Larry Kotlikoff as explains the importance of consumption smoothing as it relates to creating financial plans. Rick Miller will join Larry to share examples of how consumption smoothing can materially matter to every financial decision, from how much your clients should spend and save now and over time, how much life insurance they should buy and when, when they should take Social Security, how they should manage their retirement accounts, how they should meet particular goals, like covering college costs for their children, how they should make life-style decisions (like retiring early) with financial implications, ankd how they should invest their assets through time.



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