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Marjorie Fox
How Retirement is Different for Women
Presented by: Marjorie Fox, JD and CFP ®, Women WI$E
Learn More >Approximately five thousand women turn sixty-five in the United States every day, and many are unprepared for the realities of aging.
01:00 PM
Nov 29 2022
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Economic Update and Impact of Mid-term Elections
Presented by: Bill Greiner, CFA, Mariner Wealth Advisors
Learn More >Join economist Bill Greiner, CFA, for a review of key economic indicators and insights on what the mid-term elections suggest for the road ahead. 
01:00 PM
Nov 30 2022
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The Four Phases of Retirement
Presented by: Dr. Riley Moynes,
Learn More >Imagine ‘squeezing all the juice out of retirement’! By interviewing dozens and dozens of retirees, Dr.
01:00 PM
Dec 01 2022
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What Financial Advisors should know about Disability Insurance
Presented by: Corey Anderson,
Learn More >Did you know over 375,000 Americans become totally disabled each year.
01:00 PM
Dec 06 2022
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The Role of Home Equity in Divorce Settlements
Presented by: Tom Dickson, Financial Experts Network
Learn More >Home equity is a significant asset for many couples going through a divorce, but yet it's often an after-thought when it comes to creating an equit
01:00 PM
Dec 07 2022
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Help! I’m Out of Control Before My First Cup of Coffee
Presented by: Patty Kreamer, Productivity Uncorked
Learn More >Managing your day…you seek to do that at work and home, but it gets away from you the minute you get out of bed in the morning.
01:00 PM
Dec 08 2022
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Jan Mutchler
The True Cost of Getting Older
Presented by: Jan Mutchler, PhD, University of Massachusetts
Learn More >Knowing the answer to that question, and what resources are needed to prepare for the future, is a challenge faced by researchers, advocates, polic
01:00 PM
Dec 13 2022
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Jim DiLellio
Understanding Short-Term Asset Correlations and Long-Term Trends
Presented by: Jim Dililleo, PhD, Pepperdine University
Learn More >In 2022, many long-term trends in asset correlation appear to be changing.
01:00 PM
Dec 14 2022
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Larry Pon
Roth IRAs: Conversions, Mega Back-Door, and Tax Planning with Roth IRAs.
Presented by: Larry Pon, CPA,
Learn More >Roth IRAs have many tax advantages such as no required minimum distributions and, if qualified, the distributions are tax free which also includes
12:00 PM
Dec 20 2022
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The Pause... The Secret to Great Listening
Presented by: George Kinder and Cristina Livadary, CFP® and Registered Life Planner®
Learn More >Learn the foundational skill that Kinder Institute teaches in the EVOKE® Life Planning process--the pause.
01:00 PM
Jan 03 2023
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