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A life-altering medical diagnosis creates an opportunity for us to come alongside our clients and offer opportunities to start the conversation with their families about end-of-life matters, “put their house in order” and create inventories of important papers for heirs and estate planning. Then when a person dies, the second inventory of tasks for the executor/personal representative is required to complete the estate process. This brief summary will assist the professional in knowing where to start. Join Chaplain, Pastor and CFP Libby Boatwright as she shares advice learned from counseling hundreds of people over 30 years on end-of-life issues.

Learning Objectives:

*To inspire your clients to have a head start regarding end of life inventories and tasks and the confidence to be engaged in living every day to the end

* To encourage your client’s well being and stewardship, to understand the cast of characters in the medical universe, and to plan for the inevitable costs of long term illness and death.

* To engage in communication with family members so that the “treasure hunt and competition” of estate matters is minimal.


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