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What makes for a happy and satisfying retirement? Consider the following:

“The average person estimates they will spend 23.8% of their life in retirement.”

Only 44% believe they will enjoy retirement because they have invested time understanding the life they want to live.”

50% of respondents indicate that their job is one of if not the most important source of satisfaction in their life today.”

Source: Retirement Time Analysis

As you help your clients financially prepare for retirement, they are probably not formulating a plan for the life they want to live. People getting close to retirement usually have not invested the time to unlock their post-career lifestyle options. The “7 Keys of Retirement Life” will assist you to dialog with your clients about preparing a lifestyle strategy that aligns with their financial plan. The objectives of this webinar will be to:

  • Introduce you to the concept of lifestyle planning and how that applies to your role as a financial professional.
  • Define and review the seven keys of retirement.
  • Provide practical steps you can take with your clients on each of the seven keys.

Lifestyle planning can be an emotional undertaking. However, supporting clients in to create a retirement life of purpose and contentment, will enable you to provide them with even better financial advice.

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