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Fights around money are incredibly common. Since financial planners engage their clients in conversations that directly related to their finances, conflict is bound to arise. In fact, studies have found that financial planners are often faced with clients experiencing financial conflict. Join financial therapist Megan McCoy for an interactive presentation that provides financial planners with tangible tools to help navigate disagreements. The tools are directly derived from evidenced based research from multiple disciplines such as psychology, neuroscience, communication, and conflict resolution but will be adapted to fit financial planners' unique needs and skills.

Attendees will learn:

  • Understand why talking about money is difficult for many clients.
  • Learn about how financial therapy can aid in a financial planning practice.
  • Use techniques to gain empathy for the other during conflict.
  • Gain insights into listening skills during conflict.
  • Integrate Non-Violent Communication techniques to aid clients in expressing themselves more clearly.
  • Discover the research on physiological arousal during conflict.