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This webinar features Phil DeDominicis from Menke. Menke helped draft the legislation for ESOPs and has helped launch over 3,000 plans. Phil’s will provide a broad overview of Employee Stock Ownership Plans or "ESOPs."

Topics include: using ESOPs as a business succession tool, how ESOPs are structured and financed, typical scenarios where they are used, who runs and controls an ESOP-owned business, how ESOP shares are valued compared to other sale options, and finally how employees benefit personally and become more productive.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify when ESOPs may be useful for your clients
  • Understand the minimum requirements for a company to qualify for an ESOP
  • Learn the benefits ESOPs provide owners & employees
  • Understand how ESOPs valuations are derived
  • List the pros and cons of seller financing versus bank financing

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