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Advisors are becoming increasingly aware of the importance in understanding not only a client’s financial situation, but also how their aspirations and values tie into their financial lives. Hear from the father of the Life Planning movement in financial advice George Kinder and a Registered Life Planner® professional Cristina Livadary, CFP®, as they describe how Life Planning delivers an exhilarating and meaningful experience for the client. They’ll discuss Life Planning’s five-phase EVOKE® process and its roots in mindfulness, deep listening, and communication skills to uncover clients’ dreams of freedom, and then deliver them. The webinar will then open to an audience Q&A.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the three phases of initial client meetings that develop relationships of trust.
  • Explain how to help clients move from trust to inspired action on their financial plan.
  • Describe the inner listening mindfulness skills required for mastery of all client listening skills.
  • Apply both active and inner listening skills throughout an engagement.

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