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This webinar is specifically designed to navigate the intricate tax reporting landscape of DSTs. Delaware Statutory Trusts offer a unique investment avenue in real estate, pooling investor funds to acquire properties. As DST beneficiaries essentially hold real estate ownership, tax reporting deviates from standard investment practices. Join CPA Larry Pon as he delves into the specifics of the “substitute 1099” or grantor letter (Form 1041), contrasting it with the familiar Form 1065 Schedule K-1. Attendees will learn how to accurately transfer information from this grantor letter to Schedule E (Form 1040) for reporting DST income, which is typically taxed as ordinary income. The session will also address the complexities of state tax filing for DST properties located across different states and the nuances of 1031 exchanges in DST investments. Our goal is to equip financial professionals with the knowledge to guide clients through the reporting processes for DSTs, ensuring compliance and optimizing tax benefits.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand DST Tax Reporting Requirements: Master the federal tax reporting process for DST beneficiaries, focusing on the use of the substitute 1099 or grantor letter and its translation to Schedule E.
  • State Tax Filing for Multi-state DST Properties: Navigate the complexities of state tax filings for DSTs with properties in various states, ensuring accurate reporting in each jurisdiction.
  • 1031 Exchange and DST Investments: Gain insights into the role of DSTs in 1031 exchanges and the impact on tax reporting for investors utilizing this strategy.

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