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Retirement account balances hit a record high, reaching $36.7 Trillion in the Second Quarter of 2023. This increased balance is excellent news for retirement account owners and their beneficiaries. But sadly, retirement account balances could be lost to avoidable taxes and penalties because of mistakes and/or unfamiliarity with the governing rules.

Join retirement expert Denise Appleby as she explains how these mistakes are often made and what you can do to protect your clients’ IRAs. Topics she will cover include real-life case studies and practical examples.

Highlights of Denise's webinar include the following:

• The 6% and how to avoid it.

• The 10% additional tax and how to avoid traps for the unwary

• How to avoid or escape the 25% RMD penalty on RMD shortfalls.

• The 100% taxability: How an impermissible portability move could result in 100% loss of tax-deferral and the protective measures that can prevent that.

Denise Appleby, MJ, CISP, CRC, CRPS, CRSP, APA
Denise Appleby
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Retirement Account Expert
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