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01.25.2023 - Life Insurance

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5 Things to know about Life Insurance Settlements
Presented by Lisa Rehburg,
Lisa Rehburg

Millions of seniors each year will lapse or surrender their life insurance policies.  There is another option that can generate 3 - 5 times the cash surrender value for clients, on average.  We will briefly recap what life insurance settlements are and how they work, as well as their legality and regulation, but will primarily focus on cash studies.  You will be surprised at the variety of clients that have benefitted from a life insurance settlement - from all economic statuses (including high net worth individuals), a variety of policy sizes (small and large), and different policy types (including term policies).  Also included are some unusual and unexpected case studies that may amaze you (think younger and healthier clients) for whom a life insurance settlement worked.  Life insurance settlements are not an appropriate option for everyone, but through this webinar, you will know when it can be.

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