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Career Development Planning to GROW a Client's Earnings Potential
Presented by Ray Giese,
Ray Giese

Career coach Ray Giese provides a helpful framework for guiding clients in a way to capitalize on their natural abilities to strengthen their earning power. Not surprisingly, this leads to greater job satisfaction. 

Ray's presentation covers three primary beneficiaries: 1. College-bound students and their parents to help ensure career and colleges choices are a "best fit" for the student (thus reducing student loan debt), 2. Adults age 25-35 who determine "my chosen career isn't what I thought it would be", stymieing their financial wellness, and 3. Adults age 50-55 who determine that their career is at risk but are unable to retire due to a lack of savings and investments, and need to "extend" their earning power in a new way.

Tom's Tips: (1) Ray's counseling can help clients trying to figure out how to transition to retirement. And (2) his group format offers an affordable way for anyone to benefit from his years of career and life coaching.   

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