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Factors to Consider when Choosing a College in 2021
Presented by Matt Carpenter


Executive Summary

Given the ever unrelenting rise in the cost of college, understanding the true "net cost" of 4 years of any college a child chooses is more important than ever. This sessions features college financial aid expert Matt Carpenter. Matt has spent 15 years helping families optimize their financial aid awards.

Matt reviews concepts and formulas that are core to college financial aid then shares what he and his team are seeing in terms of financial aid packages at this time, which may be a pleasant surprise (SPOILER Alert). Perhaps most importantly, he shares his 5 Point-Plan-Of-Attack you, or your clients, should use when appealing a financial aid award package.  

At the 35:45 mark in the replay, Matt uses CollegeAidPro to illustrate financial aid packages for for different client scenarios. I highly recommend you view this part. 

As always, the Question and Answer session is chalk full of great questions that will prove helpful. 

Excellent Rating: 95.6% of the live attendees rated this session EXCELLENT. 


  • A review of how college aid is calculated
  • The most common mistakes parents and students make when completing the FAFSA form 
  • Matt explains some of the recently announced changes to FAFSA and EFC and who will benefit from the changes 
  • A BIG change for will be the reduction in financial aid for middle-income and high-income families with multiple family members in college at the same time. See the link below for more details

Helpful Resources

Here is a link to a great article in Forbes on FAFSA and EFC changes from Mark Kantrowitz. 


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