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02.08.2022 - Financial Literacy

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Financial Literacy for 15-24 Year-Olds
Presented by Jedidiah Collins, CFP, Your Money Vehicle
Jed Collins

Here are ideas that the attendees learned from Jed:

That someone has modernized a way to make financial literacy engaging to teens and other young folks.

Appreciate Jed's passion on this and the work he has put in.  Including concepts of establishing credit, cybersecurity, and credit freeze for this age group is spot on!

At long last - a financial literacy program that will speak to our teens and young adults.  Interested in learning more.

Can be used for ANY age group!  We do a lot of 401k Employee Meetings and our society just doesn't over the basics.  We're all on the "learn as you go and make your own mistakes" training method - unless you are lucky enough to have great parents.

Great Idea to start your own children, along with clients' children, Early on financial education, saving, investing, etc.  I especially like the emphasis on using the Roth option - I did that with both my children at an early age, they later each used $10K from their Roths for a '1st time homebuyer' down payment! 

Great topic and a very knowledgeable presenter.   I am happy to see that financial literacy is trending.  I hope to be part of that.

His RICH acronym is similar with the SMART goal - but for his target audience, RICH may be indeed more powerful.

I have been trying to develop a 15-20 minute recorded webinar for client children or grandchildren re Roth IRAs.  Just the process that Jed uses was amazing.  His content was phenomenal!

Timing was great for me as I have several younger people interested in learning how to begin investing. I have an education background and love teaching. Great mission on Jed's part.

Your future self will thank you!

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