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The Future of Tax-Sensitive Planning is Here
Presented by Kevin Lozer, CFP, Holistiplan

The highlight of this webinar session is a demonstration of the new tax planning software Holistiplan. It is a program developed by 2 financial planners (Kevin and Roger Pine) that uses OCR technology to import a client's tax return so the program can then highlights strategies the financial planner and client should consider, based off their unique circumstances. In essence, it automates the analysis of a tax return for a financial planner and identifies those issues you should be looking for when it comes to client tax planning opportunities for customized observations.  

Our expert speaker, Kevin Lozer, CFP is one of the co-founders of Holistiplan. His financial planner experience was quite helpful in sharing how he has used the program with his clients. As always, there is a robust question and answer session. 

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