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03.02.2022 - iCLATs

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IMMEDIATE Tax Savings from Future Annual Charitable Gifts – NOW is the Time to Take a Closer Look at the “iCLAT”
Presented by Brad Gornto, Esq., LL.M and Sam Landman, Esq.
Brad Gornot

Here are ideas that the attendees learned from Brad:

1) I did not know there are 2 types of CLAT's 2) I was unaware that a low interest rate environment was preferable to utilize the iCLAT. 3) I learned more about Donor Advised Funds
Eye opener today!
Great and needed information
Income Tax Burden created by Roth Conversion can be mitigated to some extent using I CLAT.
It was mostly all new & great- love the iCLAT to DAF
Whole thing is new, and very applicable.
Will be contacting some clients to share this idea
WITH ROTH conversions and a sizeable tax event--this concept fits to alleviating that problem

Attendees Comments: