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The Impact of Healthcare Costs and Longevity have on a Client's Retirement Income
Presented by Ron Mastrogiovanni and Phil Lubinski, CFP®

When asked to share something "new" that they learned from this session, participants responded with the following:

  • Healthcare cost estimates are even higher than what a lot of recent studies are suggesting
  • I loved today's session. I have tried to learn this on my own but never had the connections as to where to go. Please in the future you need to have CE credit for the Enrolled Agents. I am one and I try to always take advantage of your webinars the are for CPA's  but no credit for EA's your software would be greatly received.
  • Learned a lot more about the detail of cost estimating & the underlying mechanics
  • Never considered the vast difference in Part D premiums from state to state! The longevity factor is very interesting. I think I'm never retiring!
  • The difference in hospital admissions policy and its effect of non medicare coverage for rehab if original admittance was for observation only that later results in a transfer to a rehab facility.
  • The importance of planning for health care costs in retirement and instructing clients to use a specific bucket allocation of funds to provide for the costs
  • The importance of taking client medical conditions into account when planning and showing illustrations at specific life expectancy.
  • The largest component of health care costs is inflation while aging.
  • Very eye opening to discover the cost involved.
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