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The Latest in Long Term Care Planning Options
Presented by Bob Vandy, Advisors Insurance Brokers (AIB)

Long Term Insurance Options Deconstructed!

This replay features LTCi veteran Bob Vandy providing a great explanation of the pros and cons of traditional long term care insurance, linked benefits and life insurance with a LTC rider. Bob also used two case studies to illustrate optimal LTCi solutions for a single client and a couple. 

Tyler Clark used MoneyGuidePro to provide a powerful example of how LTCi can impact a client's financial plan. 

RATING: 89% of attendees rated this session "EXCELLENT". 

Attendee Comments:

"This was a helpful overview - difficult to know which products are available and this is a good place to start."

" I wrote down the number for the co. if I run across a case that I could use help on. the info was incredible and eye opening."

Attendees Rating: