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Life-Cycle Financial Planning with economist Larry Kotlikoff and Financial Planner Rick Miller
Presented by Larry Kotlikoff, Economist and Rick Miller, Financial Planner

This webinar features an economist's view of financial planning, which is based on decades of research from legendary economists like Robert Merton and Paul Samuelson. Larry Kotlikoff, the "economist," leads this review of the 4 "Commandments" of economics-based financial planning. While it may sound intimidating, it really comes down to how do you best help clients project and control their spending. Or, as economists would describe it "living standards." 

Using the Maxifi program, Larry shares examples of how you can smooth a client's spending (a.k.a. consumption) and optimize and protect their living standards (a.k.a. spending).  Financial planner Rick Miller adds invaluable commentary on the scenarios, along with wonderful examples of how he communciates the economic principles to his clients in terms they can understand.

The Maxifi program offers what may be considered a very unique approach to planning as it reverse engineers the problem of determining what clients can spend.  




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