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Member's Case Studies: Quantifying College Choices
Presented by Matt Carpenter from CollegeAidPro + Joe Damo and Ryan Ponsford from AAG

We focused on two topics for this session. Ryan Ponsford from AAG kicked it off with a helpful primer on reverse mortgages, with a focus on the credit line aspect. He also introduced a calculator he has built to analyze how clients might best finance their downsizing move. FInancial planner Deborah Ellis shared her experience with evaluating a reverse mortgage for a 77-year old client who may need income. 

Financial planner Joe Messenger joined us to share insights on how clients may pay for college. Using CollegeAidPro, Joe showed how students who don't qualify for needs-based aid may narrow their search to schools with merit-based aid and academic offerings that match their interest. Joe also briefly shared how divorced clients may search for schools and the impact their respective earnings may have on financial aid. 

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