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The Power of Coupling of iCLATs & DAFs – Immediate Tax Savings Without “Bunching” Your Clients’ Annual Charitable Gifts
Presented by Brad B. Gornto, Esq., LL.M and Sam Landman

The sole purpose and objective of an iCLAT is simple. . . TO GENERATE A LARGE IMMEDIATE CHARITABLE INCOME TAX DEDUCTION IN THE CURRENT YEAR, which is based on your clients’ future annual gifts to charity.   With an iCLAT there is NO NEED for your clients to write a big check to get a big charitable deduction THIS YEAR. Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are the fastest growing charitable giving tool for many good reasons: (i) ability to give anonymously, (ii) centralized charitable giving platform, (iii) family/multi-generational giving opportunities, (iv) bifurcate tax savings from the timing of actual future grants to specific charities and (iv) gifting of illiquid assets for charitable purposes.  

This iCLAT presentation covered actual client cases with a practical emphasis of how iCLATs are “ideally” designed when their annual charitable distributions are made to the client’s new or existing DAF.  Add tremendous value to your clients who need tax savings this year, particularly for those who already make annual gifts to one of more charities.

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