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President Biden's Industrial Policies & Investment Opportunities + Climate Impact/ESG Investment Trends
Presented by Linda H Zhang, Ph.D, Purview Investments

President Biden's proposed climate change and industrial policies have far reaching implications across sectors including power, transport, real estate and agriculture. The changes could create significant investment opportunities as capital is reallocated to industry transitions backed by policy support and technology breakthroughs. These policies will likely accelerate the transformative changes ESG investing has on the investment industry and the companies in which they invest. Facts:  Globally, ESG exchange treaded funds (ETF) experienced 223% growth in 2020, with a new record of $189 billion in total assets under management, according to TrackInsight. Five of the top 10 best performing non-leveraged ETFs globally followed an ESG approach. It's likely we are in the early innings of the ESG movement as asset allocators and platforms for advisory channels continue to drive huge flows into these ESG products.
Join ESG investing and ETF industry thought-leader Linda Zhang, Ph.D., founder of Purview Investments, PM for TrueShare’s climate impact ESG ETF (ticker ECOZ)  for a review of President Biden's policies, the investment opportunities they create and an in-depth look at ESG investing and how to integrate it within your asset allocation and investment management practices.  
Attendees will learn: 
•    President Biden's climate/industrial /social policies that will impact capital markets
•    How ESG investing is impacting industry asset flows 
•    How to evaluate and differentiate ESG ETFS and funds
•    How to incorporate impact and ESG investing for asset allocation process
•    How to communicate about and transform your clients concerns for climate and social equity into investment actions

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