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01.04.2022 - Cost of College

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Quantifying The True "Net" Cost Of College
Presented by Joe Messenger, CFP

College planning expert Joe Messinger delivered another excellent overview of key factors parents and students should consider when trying to quantify the true cost college.  

Here are ideas that the attendees learned from Joe.  

Grandparent planning for gifted students/kids. when planning should begin.

Available college aid for higher income families; considering higher cost schools with available aid

I did not realize that anything this sophisticated was available.

Calendar of what to do and when to do it to file for college aid and apply to colleges

Glad to know that even the higher-net-worth folks have options.

Confirmed that applying for Direct Student loans probably makes sense.

AOTC, Grandparent 529 Plan exclusion from EFC starting 2024

Potential Tax law changes

Excellent and very knowledgeable.

Did not know about the website of

Apply to merit schools even if you don’t plan to go there so that you can use award letter to appeal to schools you DO want to attend.

great source of college planning tools, calculators and information.

The average cost of a particular college is very different from the true cost of the college. That even wealth people should fill out the FAFSA.

I learned some good info. I thought the income caps on getting financial aid was useful specifically.


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