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Presented by Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA

Wade Pfau delivers again. This session, sponsored by Lincoln Financial, includes a thoughtful review of the pros and cons of an investment-only approach and one that includes investments along with an annuity. Wade also provides a wonderful review of the 4 risks all retirees face with, most importantly, actionable advice for how they may mitigate their risks.

Tip: There were lots of great questions (and answers) at the end of the presentation. As an example, Wade provides some great advice for how to consider a partial annuitization strategy.   

Paul Waldeier, Lincoln's RIA Sales Manager, shared an example of how an annuity, as part of holistic plan, can provide a significant income stream for a 65-year-old. To learn more about Lincoln's solutions for RIAs, you can contact Paul at the following. 

Paul Waldeier, RIA Sales Manager: Phone: 484-583-6440 and email: