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03.01.2022 - Tax Alpha

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Seeking Tax Alpha in Retirement Income
Presented by Jim DiLellio, PhD, Pepperdine|Graziadio Business School
Jim Dilellio

Here are ideas that the attendees learned from Jim:

A different way of efficient drawdown strategies, maximizing portfolio assets, and a new software (calculator) to use.
Choosing to pay taxes sooner in retirement can actually make sense and give a greater ultimate benefit to retirees and their heirs.
Drawing down on tax exempt earnings last while in retirement
Excellent webinar; excellent presenter. Very knowledgeable and good at communicating complex ideas.
Just the quantification of optimizing strategies of using assets for retirement income.
Pay down an IRA before a taxable account?  Never heard a solid case made for that before.
Pay taxes early may benefit survivor.
Perhaps incorporate the idea of declining expenses in typical late retirement.
Reconsider Roth Conversions vs. simply spending from IRA's before and in addition to RMDs.
The common rule for retirement withdrawals may not be the most efficient
The spending order of assets can be critical in creating a tax efficient retirement income!
Very 'complex' analysis / approach to determining the adequacy of retirement savings and eventual withdrawals.  Must also keep in mind the need to update such an analysis every couple of years when actually in retirement to see if the 'picture' changes.  
Want to try his retirement income optimizer software and think it will be a valuable addition to my tools for  incentivizing prospects to entrust my firm with their portfolio.
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