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01.13.2022 - 401(k)

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Solution for Managing A Client's Held-Away 401(k) Assets
Presented by David Goldman, Feex
Dave Goldman

Here are ideas that the attendees learned from David:

The dilemma of helping clients with their retirement plans may have been solved!  As a fiduciary we've been putting ourselves at risk by using backdoor techniques at best to assist them. Now it can be done the right way!  Almost too good to be true!   
Great new technology solution for both Advisors and Clients. Thanks.
Didn't know a solution like this is available.  I'll consider it further.
I can manage outside accounts.  this will definitely add to my business
FeeX's ability to integrate with many custodians and all they need is the client to login and grant access.
Learned about integrating software that I can capitalize on that I wasn't able to before. 
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