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01.11.2022 - Annuities

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Understanding How and When Variable Annuities can Help
Presented by Scott Stolz, Simon Markets
Scott Stolz

Here are ideas that the attendees learned from Joe.  

Very well-organized webinar and the speaker did a great job a explaining the material in an understandable way.

Good review, I sell app. $3-4 million annuities annually and good to hear the presenter’s point of view

Issue insurance companies had with guaranteed death benefits and declining annuity values. Expense breakdown was helpful.

Annuities can be set up in an IRA

Provided me a good overall education on variable annuities.

I don't know variable annuities well, so several concepts were illuminating for me - the history, how costs/pricing works, and how the death and living benefits work.  Scott's advice was also helpful.

Variable annuities usually have a death benefit that covers the amount paid in

Liked getting the history of VAs

A good review.

Helped differentiate among appropriate and inappropriate uses for variable annuities, a common question we as accountants face.

All the annuities I own are in IRA's.  I didn't realize you can change investments in a non-qualified annuity without causing a taxable event!  Duh!  Of course, you can. 

Have only one goal for the annuity NOT death benefit/legacy AND Income otherwise it gets expensive.

The history of variable annuities was interesting and the discussion of the L share of annuity was also interesting.

The development and then cancellation of 'L' shares, had not heard of them before.

Review of costs mutual funds vs annuities was beneficial.

Several useful reminders and a few newer more current points of information came out and were nicely presented.

The economic value of DB

Death Benefit remains despite market value drop

Importance of examining death benefit, living benefit, annuitization, partial withdrawal, etc., to determine "best use" of a VA that is held.

There were a few points covered that I didn't know.  I need time to review them before trying to list them at this time.

Value of variable annuities

More appreciation for the overall breadth of the product class.

Use VA for only one main reason, don't try to be the everything product.  Fees add up and client expectations go down.

I appreciate the presentation and review of VA benefits overall.

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