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Understanding Medical Bills: Protect Assets & Manage Medical Bill Claims
Presented by Adria Gross, MedWise Insurance Advocacy

Many families today struggle paying medical bills. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation Study conducted in 2017, 75% of insurance and 64% of uninsured households decrease spending on household needs because of medical bills. Roughly 60% of bankruptcies are related to medical bills and health issues (Nerd Wallet), an estimated 80% of medical bills contain errors (Consumer Reports) and only 10% of patients comparatively shop for medical services (NYT). 

On this webinar, Adria Gross, a Patients' Health Insurance and Medical Billing Advocate, will help us understand medical bills so that we help our clients protect assets and manage their medical bill claims. She'll talk about common errors to look for (wrongful billing, double billing, and more), insurance plans, and how to deal with denials, approvals and regulations. Adria will also discuss how to avoid bankruptcy and negotiate a deal and the financial implications from Third Party Payers. 

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