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CE Eligible: Two credits for subscribers who need IAR, CFP, PACE and CPE credits.  

This program, which features tax attorney Joe Endres, will address applying residency tax rules to commuters, occasional visitors, and full-time residents of the various states. It will also identify the practices most states use to determine if a taxpayer has "truly" changed their residence. For example, changing your residence from a high-tax state (think NY, NJ & CA) to a low or no-tax state (think FL) can dramatically reduce the amount of state taxes you have to pay. But high-tax states don't let their residents go smoothly. If you continue to maintain any connection to the former residence (think snowbirds), the high-tax state may contest that you genuinely changed your residence. Note that Mr. Endres specializes in residency and local taxation matters and has represented numerous clients in cases related to this issue. 

In this webinar, Mr. Endres will teach you how states determine a taxpayer's residency and how to make the states respect your residency change.

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