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Ed Smith
How Medicare “Fits” In Retirement Planning

Presented by Ed Smith, CFP®, MBA, Valor Wealth
No Register
Green and Natural Burial Practices

Presented by Jodi Clock,
No Register
Leslie Laurer
How ESOPs benefit Business Owners and Employees

Presented by Leslie Lauer, CFP®, ChFC®, CEPA®, The ESOP Group | UBS Financial Services Inc.
Yes Register
Career Planning as a Pathway to Financial Wellness

Presented by Ray Giese, CFP, Career Pathways
No Register
Rich Arzaga
Better Advice for clients who own Investment Property

Presented by Rich Arzaga, CFP,
Yes Register
Managing Held-Away Assets and ERISA Responsibilities

Presented by Kevin T Clark, RF™
Yes Register
Larry Pon
The Pros and Cons of using an S Corp.

Presented by Larry Pon, CPA,
Yes Register
Estate Planning Technology for Financial Advisors
No Register
A Great Checklist for Buying a Financial Planner Practice

Presented by Michelle Atlas-Quinn, J.D. and Matt Durr, E.A.
No Register
Wade Pfau
Annuities and Risk Pooling

Presented by Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA, RICP®, RISA Profile
Yes Register
Premarital Financial Counseling Best Practices

Presented by Marcella Mollons-Williams, BFA, Legacy Builder Group
Yes Register
Is Direct Indexing Right for your Clients?

Presented by John Rekenthaler, Morningstar
Yes Register
Holistic Life Planning: More Important Than Ever!

Presented by George Kinder, The Kinder Institute
No Register
Risking Old Age in America

Presented by Harry S. Margolis, Esq.,
Yes Register
How to Track Client Spending

Presented by Carrie Jones, CFP, Delegated Planning
No Register
Insuring the Sharing Economy

Presented by Erin K. Luczak, CPRIA, USI
Yes Register
Innovative Allocation Strategies with Indexed Annuities

Presented by Scott Stolz, CFP, RICP, iCapital
Yes Register
Kol Peterson
A Trend in Senior Housing: Accessory Dwelling Units (a.k.a. in-law suites)

Presented by Kol Peterson, Accessory Dwelling Strategies
Yes Register
Industry Leader On ESOPs

Presented by Phillip DeDominicis, The Menke Group
Yes Register
How to Evaluate NonProfits and Smarter Giving Practices

Presented by Maeve Miccio, Fidelity Investments
Yes Register