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Nancy Davis
Pioneer ETF Founder on Inflation and Deflation Strategies
Presented by: Nancy Davis, Quadratic Capital
Learn More >Concerned about inflation? Please register for this webinar if you, like, Fed Chairman Powell, believe that inflation may not be transitory.
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Using Annuities to Accelerate Medicaid Eligibility
Presented by: Dale Krause, J.D. LL.M.,
Learn More >Have you ever encountered a senior client who was in need of long-term care but it was clearly too late for LTCI?
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Larry K
Does a Split Strategy make sense with Social Security
Presented by: Larry Kotlikoff,
Learn More >Coordinating your benefits with your spouse's benefits can help you both get the most out of your Social Security payments.
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Financial Experts Subscribers: 2021 Review and 2022 Plans
Presented by: Tom Dickson, Financial Experts Network
Learn More >Join Tom Dickson for a review of the features added to Financial Experts website in 2021 and to ensure you know what’s available through the websit
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Mark K
Last Minute College Financial Aid Tips + Student Loan Comparisons
Presented by: Mark Kantrowitz,
Learn More >Did you or your clients get a financial aid award letter that does not seem to provide enough aid?
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Heather Jarvis
The New Rules On Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Presented by: Heather Jarvis, Esq.,
Learn More >The Biden Administration has enacted significant changes to address the shortcomings of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program.
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Matt Carpenter
Quantifying The True "Net" Cost Of College
Presented by: Matt Carpenter and Joe Messenger, CFP
Learn More >Understanding the true “net” cost of a four-year college degree remains a perplexing problem.
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Ron Mastrogiovanni
The Impact of Healthcare Costs and Longevity have on a Client's Retirement Income
Presented by: Ron Mastrogiovanni and Phil Lubinski, CFP®
Learn More >Although 98% of retirees’ primary concern is healthcare expenses, only 14% of advisors feel comfortable speaking about it with clients.
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Jeff Rattiner
CFP® Board Code of Ethics CE Program (2 hours)
Presented by: Jeff Rattiner, CFP,
Learn More >Join Jeff Rattiner, CFP®, CPA to learn the major changes the CFP® Board has made to its Code of Ethics, to include areas like disclosure.
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